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Hair care


Manicure and pedicure

Eyebrow and eyelash care




A good haircut is primarily a form that suits you. The main purpose of a haircut is to highlight your beauty and uniqueness, and to mask any imperfections in your features.

In its own time, the cult of a haircut was introduced by Vidal Sassoon who created a technical school of haircuts, "dressed" a haircut in graphical images and clear formula. Thus a haircut is an art and a science at the same time.

Of significant importance is an understanding between the client and the master, who should take into account not only your type of hair structure, but also your lifestyle and character.

By the way, you know that your haircut has been done professionally if you can still style your hair easily after you wash it the next time.

Women’s haircut 85O-1OOO
Women’s haircut by art-director 15OO-2OOO
Men’s haircut 5OO-65O
Child’s haircut (up to 5 years) 4ОО
Teenager's haircut 45O-5ОО
Haircut of a fringe 2OO-3ОО
Haircut of a beard 15О-2ОО
Mustache/eyebrow trimming
* for more information contact the administrator by phone number O675242OO4 or in social networks


Undeniably, hair coloring changes the image and supplements a haircut.

In our salon you may receive all types of dyeing services, based on the individual characteristics of your hair. The options includs qualitative dye Wella professional, Koleston perfect and Color Touch, illumina color.

Advice of our experts will help you to take care of your hair in a right way between the periods of your hair dyeing.

Dyeing SERVICES Price (UAH)
Dyeing of the entire length 28OO-39OO
Dyeing of roots 18OO-29OO
Complex dyeing techniques 41OO-143OO
Total Blonde dyeing with Koleston Perfect 26OO-39OO
Total Blonde dyeing with Illumina color 27OO-38OO
Tinting with ammonia-free ColorTouch dye 25OO-31OO
Output from black/dark pigment 39OO-79OO
Perm 3OOO-45OO
* for more detail information contact the administrator by phone number O675242OO4 or in social networks

Hair care

Our salon offers the best care for your hair. You may use the Spa treatments from SP luxoil from Wella Professional.

We are always pleased to provide you with expertise service and advice.

Comprehensive hair care (shampooing, applying a mask, hair-drying), Wella 25О-35О-65О
Comprehensive hair care (shampooing, applying a mask, hair-drying), SP 3ОО-45О-7ОО
Restoration and reconstruction SERVICES Description Price (UAH)
Molecular hair restoration Liquid hair - 6OO-1OOО
Amino acid refiller with Fusion amino refiller Wella Fusion hair restoration procedure with 3 amino acids and silk molecule. Deeply penetrates the cortex, saturating it with amino acids 95O - 135O
Reverse regenerating pre-treatment (regenerating serum) SP Reverse intensive care (vitamin complex: biotin, panthenol/ BiTaMi A/ BiTaMiH E/ caffeine) It takes place in 3 stages: restructuring, nutrition and restoration of deep action. 1O5O - 145O
* for more information contact the administrator by phone number O675242OO4 or in social networks


Are you having an important meeting and you wish to complete your business image with an elegant styling? Are you going to a party and would like to have a magnificent hairstyle? Beautiful and playful, strict and elegant, naughty and modern ... Hairstyles of any complexity will be done for you by experienced masters of "O2 Studio". A light daily styling will add a breath of fresh air and confidence throughout the day.

Woman’s hairstyle / ~ by art-director 55О-65О / 65О-85O
Man’s hairstyle 2OO-3OO
Woman’s hairstyle (holiday/evening) / ~ by art-director 6ОO-8ОО / 7OO-11OO
Wedding hairstyle 12OO-18OO
Wedding hairstyle trial 6ОO
Child’s hairstyle 35O-55O
Plaits braiding 3OO-45O
Weaving African American pigtails (1 pc) 3O-5O
* for more information contact the administrator by phone number O675242OO4 or in social networks

Manicure and pedicure

Hands are a business card of any modern person. You cannot hide them under clothing, while wearing gloves all the time is impossible. Manicure is one of the main indicators showing that your hands are beautiful and well taken care of. The O2 studio provides a full range of care services for the beauty of your hands and feet. Our masters use only qualitative certified materials from the leading companies, such as CND, Harmony, Reforma, Suda, Gehwol.

Just like hands, feet also require comprehensive care. Tidiness and health of feet is an important component of the overall health. Moreover, this concerns not only women but also men.

Modern pedicure is quite a comfortable and pleasant procedure for nail and feet care. It includes the removal of dead skin areas, cracks, calluses, corns, trimming and nails polishing, their decorative covering, and of course, foot massage.

Therefore for your feet and hands to always be in a great shape and amuse the look, remember to regularly care about them; and the O2 Beauty Studio will help you to obtain such result easily.

Entire equipment for manicure and pedicure undergoes complete disinfection and sterilization in our autoclave, in accordance with all sanitary and hygienic standards. One may relax and enjoy on a comfortable armchair during the pedicure procedures.

Manicure 25О-3OO
Man’s manicure 35О
Dry machine manicure 32О
Pedicure 55О-65О
Man's pedicure 6ОО-65О
Removal of gel polish 1ОО
Gel polish cover 3OO
Gel polish, french 25O-3ОО
Polish cover 2OO
Polish cover 1s 15O
Polish cover aerograph 3OO
Nail treatment 2O
Correction 25O
Correction, french 3OO
Paraffin therapy 250
Scrubbing of hends 15O
Scrubbing of feet 3ОO
Removing the callosity 12O
Removing the crack 1OO/15O/25O
Removing the wart 15O
Fingers machining 4OO
Removing the thickness of the nail 1OO-15O
* for more information contact the administrator by phone number O675242OO4 or in social networks

Eyebrow and eyelash care

As the make-up artists ensure, the beauty and harmony of your face depends largely on the shape of your eyebrows.

To look a few years younger, to adjust the shape of your face, to make your nose look more neat and your eyes more expressive, - all these are not only the achievements of plastic surgeons, but the result of a correctly selected shape of eyebrows.

Correction of eyebrows 2OO
Dyeing of eyebrows 18O
Correction of eyebrows with dyeing 4OO
Correction of eyebrow with henna dyeing 45O
Dyeing of eyelashes 25O
Eyelash lamination 9ОO
Eyelash lamination + Botox 1OОO
* for more information contact the administrator by phone number O675242OO4 or in social networks


Entrust your body into skillful hands of our masters. Spend your valuable time on yourself and get immersed in a world of relaxation and pleasure from getting recharged through the cheerfulness and a surge of vitality.

General massage (6O/9O/12O min) 85O / 1O5O / 14OO
Therapeutic massage (6O/9O min) 65O / 85O
Sports massage (6O/9O min) 65O / 85O
Anti-cellulite massage (6O min) 7OO
Honey massage (6O min) 7OO
Vacuum massage (6O min) 7OO
Thai massage (6O/9O/12O min) 85O / 1O5O / 14OO
Aroma massage (6O/9O min) 95O / 1O5O
Massage with aroma candle (6O/9O min) 95O / 1O5O
Massage of back (4O min) 5OO
Massage of legs (6O min) 55O
Massage of head (1O min) 2OO
Massage of neck (3O min) 25O
Facial massage (4O min) 6OO
Facial massage with care mask 1OOO
Paraffin therapy 35O
Scrubbing of hands 15O
* for more information contact the administrator by phone number O675242OO4 or in social networks


Make-up is the use of properly selected cosmetics, professional tools and skillful techniques.

After determining what your most striking facial features are and through emphasizing them we can make you look and feel more beautiful. One of the reasons why O2 Studio make-up artists love their work is the joy when their work changes your sense of yourself. Even your age seems to be offset when you have a beautiful make-up, bright eyes, when your skin radiates a healthy glow, and you feel confident.

Modern make-up should be simple and natural, so that attention would be drawn to the beauty of the person, instead of the make-up itself. The concept of 'less means more" undeniably applies to the art of make-up.

Day make-up 45О-45О
Evening make-up 55О-9ОО
Wedding make-up (prom) 1OOO-15ОO
Trial wedding make-up (prom) 6OO
* for more information contact the administrator by phone number O675242OO4 or in social networks

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate is the ideal way to show your love or appreciation. A spa experience is one that will always be fondly remembered. A gift certificate can be arranged for a amount or choose from our extensive range of beauty services and treatments. We can also tailor a package to suit any occasion.


Ксенія Зорійчук

Kseniya Zoriychuk

Art-director, hairdresser and hair designer

With over 19 years’ experience

Олег Семен

Oleh Semen

Hairdresser and hair designer

With over 20 years' experience

Аня Рибак

Anya Rybak

Hairdresser and hair designer, make-up artist

With over 5 years’ experience

About us

None but the best specialists in their fields work in our salon, and they do their best to leave you with pleasant feelings and good memories, so that you'll want to come back again and again.

In addition, we would like to assure you that exclusively professional equipment and care products are used for your comfort and safety, which will not only not harm you and your health, but will also help to improve the condition of your hair, nails, and skin.

We are waiting for you impatiently and will be pleased to do all we can to help you. For more information please contact the administrator or via social networks. With love, the team of O2.


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